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The Punisher (2017)

-Warning! This show is not for the faint hearted... you've been warned- Daredevil season 2 introduced us to the punisher of the MCU and now finally after a long wait he's finally got his own show! The Punisher is arguably one of the hardest comic book heroes to adapt to the big screen in modern… Continue reading The Punisher (2017)

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Stranger Things 2

It's been just over a year since Stranger Things first came out and because it was so good, people just couldn't wait to get more. Well the time has come and Stranger Things 2 is officially available for everyone to watch. But, does it live up to the hype and even more importantly. Does it… Continue reading Stranger Things 2

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The Flash ‘Luck Be A Lady’

As i've mentioned in all of my previous reviews for this season of The Flash, the show is trying to start of fresh. And that includes having a more light-hearted comedic sense. And it also means returning to the basics of the show with Harrison Wells coming back! Characters and actors - This week's episode… Continue reading The Flash ‘Luck Be A Lady’

DC, M, The Flash, TV Show

The Flash ‘Mixed Signals’

The Flash is back into season 4 and this episode introduces us to his new suit. This episodes villain is Kilg%re, who can control technology and this gave this episode a lot of opportunities because Cisco put a whole lotta tech into his suit. Story and Mood -¬†As I said last review The Flash season… Continue reading The Flash ‘Mixed Signals’

DC, M, The Flash, TV Show

The Flash ‘The Flash Reborn’

The Flash has been on our screens for some time now first appearing on The Arrow and then getting his own show. It's now onto it's fourth season and a lot has happened since Barry first got struck by lightning. Now thanks to how many episodes there are The Flash knows what the fans do… Continue reading The Flash ‘The Flash Reborn’

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Rick And Morty ‘Rest And Ricklaxation’

Rick And Morty has had a couple of rough weeks in my eyes. I didn't really find Vindicators 3 or The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy to be that good of episodes. But has Rest And Ricklaxation changed that? Well to put it simple.. Yes and no. This episode had some good moments and put up the… Continue reading Rick And Morty ‘Rest And Ricklaxation’

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The Defenders

Marvel's Netflix series Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have all been leading up to this moment. Just like the avengers They all got their own individual tv shows before the big meet up. Daredevil first came out in 2015. That's around the time Avengers Age Of Ultron came out, a very long… Continue reading The Defenders

MA15+, Rick And Morty, TV Show

Rick And Morty ‘Pickle Rick’

Rick and Morty takes a violent and very random turn with this weeks latest episode 'Pickle Rick' in which Rick turns himself into a pickle to miss a family therapy session. This episode was packed with jokes. But the one joke that never got old was Rick being a pickle. It's times like this when… Continue reading Rick And Morty ‘Pickle Rick’

MA15+, Rick And Morty, TV Show

Rick And Morty ‘Rickmancing The Stone’

Rick And Morty is finally back! We were given the first episode of Season 3 on April Fools Day. Season 3 has been highly anticipated and it had a lot of delays but finally, we've got an episode a week. Episode 2 is out now worldwide and it's really funny. Rick and Morty is notorious… Continue reading Rick And Morty ‘Rickmancing The Stone’

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Doctor Who ‘The Doctor Falls’

"You may be a doctor. But i'm The Doctor" - The Doctor - Minor Spoilers Ahead - This episode is the season 10 finale and the second part to last weeks episode. This is one of Peter Capaldi's last episodes and i'm kind of annoyed that we have to wait til' Christmas to find out… Continue reading Doctor Who ‘The Doctor Falls’