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Top Three SDCC Trailers

San Diego Comic Con was just last weekend and it had a lot of news. Here I only show videos though so my top three trailers from SDCC are...   #3: Justice League https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_6yBZKj-eo DC hit us with a new Justice League trailer that hypes up the film a lot. At the end of the… Continue reading Top Three SDCC Trailers

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The Flash ‘Finish Line’ SPOILERS

-There'll be spoilers here!!!- Season three of the flash has finally reached it's end with Finish Line. This episode was really good and I felt hit all the right notes, though because of the shows confusing time travel stuff it gets a lot of possible plot holes. I say possible because time travel isn't a thing… Continue reading The Flash ‘Finish Line’ SPOILERS

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The Flash ‘Infantino Street’ (NO Spoilers!)

Oh My God. This episode has to be the saddest flash episode ever. The Runaway Dinosaur is nothing compared to this. We've been leading to this moment of the flash for quite some time now. Iris's death. I won't be saying any spoilers by the way but i'm going to be writing a spoiler review… Continue reading The Flash ‘Infantino Street’ (NO Spoilers!)

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The Flash ‘Cause And Effect’

-Some minor spoilers are discussed here- The flash is really close to finishing the season and the stakes are high. Now that Barry and Team Flash know Savitar's identity (if you haven't watched the previous episode then why're you reading this one?) to be non other then Barry (or at least a time remnant of… Continue reading The Flash ‘Cause And Effect’

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The Flash ‘I Know Who You Are’

This Episode of the Flash I found was absolutely stunning, it gave us the answer that we have all been waiting for but I will not be spoiling that in this article. I really liked the acting in this episode and it made me feel more emotion towards the episode. Obviously, the title gives away… Continue reading The Flash ‘I Know Who You Are’

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The Flash ‘The Once And Future Flash’

OMG, We are so close to the season finale of the flash and that much much closer to finding out... Who Savitar is!!! I'm going to stop doing my 'hey guys' intro from here on out as this's my 7th review. In this episode Barry went to the future (2024 to be precise) to find… Continue reading The Flash ‘The Once And Future Flash’