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This movie is amazing, it's a tale of comedy, romance, action, and friendship. It is also insanely gory so please do not watch this around children because you will probably ruin their eyes and they will be very conscious of what is inside your body. But if you want to give an anatomy lesson this… Continue reading Braveheart

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

This movie is amazing, sorry but I have to start like that because it's one of my favourite marvel films. Anyway, this film is the first film to come out for the Guardians Of The Galaxy Trilogy (Vol. 3 has been confirmed). I found this film insanely funny and the acting was impeccable. I love the… Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

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The Flash ‘I Know Who You Are’

This Episode of the Flash I found was absolutely stunning, it gave us the answer that we have all been waiting for but I will not be spoiling that in this article. I really liked the acting in this episode and it made me feel more emotion towards the episode. Obviously, the title gives away… Continue reading The Flash ‘I Know Who You Are’