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Rick And Morty ‘Pickle Rick’

Rick and Morty takes a violent and very random turn with this weeks latest episode ‘Pickle Rick’ in which Rick turns himself into a pickle to miss a family therapy session.

This episode was packed with jokes. But the one joke that never got old was Rick being a pickle. It’s times like this when Rick And Morty succeeds where most fail, a completely random episode being awesome. If you went to a studio and them the script for this episode they would say no because of how weird the concept is. But Rick And Morty has gotten to the point where they can get away with murder. And they did exactly that.

This episode could be the most violent episode of Rick and Morty to date! This episode was much more of an action episode than the normal adventure one. There’s tons of violence coming from a pickle. The episode didn’t even want to stop when it had ended with all the violence and gore making it into the end credits scene!

Overall this episode of Rick and Morty was one of the more memorable ones. Rick turning into a pickle is something the internet or any fan will ever get over. This episode came to a success from the action to the humour.



Source of pics: Adult Swim


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