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Rick And Morty ‘Rickmancing The Stone’

Rick And Morty is finally back! We were given the first episode of Season 3 on April Fools Day. Season 3 has been highly anticipated and it had a lot of delays but finally, we’ve got an episode a week. Episode 2 is out now worldwide and it’s really funny.

Rick and Morty is notorious for pop culture references by either referencing them or parading them. This week’s episode is a massive parody of Mad Max, one of my favourite movies, and one of the show’s darkest, funniest episodes.

Now that Morty’s parents are divorced Summer wants to go to another world and escape her problems whereas Morty doesn’t want to leave. There’s a lot of possibilities as to how Morty and Summer view Rick, we saw Morty saying that he’d do anything to protect his sister from the life that you live when you’re with Rick in Ep 1 of this season.

Overall this is a great return for Rick and Morty. I’m really excited to see where this season takes us!



Source Of Pics: Adult Swim


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