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Project Almanac

As a major time traveler fan I love time travel movies. With time travel movies there’s literally infinite possibilities. Project Almanac came out in 2015 and it’s a found footage film about David (Jonny Weston), Jessie (Sofia Black-D’Elia), Quinn (Sam Lerner), Adam (Allen Evangelista) and Christina (Virginia Gardner) who all find out time travel exists… By finding a video of David in his teenager years in a video of when he was a little kid.

Now the fun part about this film is that you already know that they’re going to time travel, but you don’t know how or why he’s at his younger self birthday party. Project Almanac is almost the perfect choice for a found footage choice. I say this because it really uses it, it’s not like a little feature they added in at the very end, it’s something that’s built in well.

I feel that this film should’ve been a tv show. The side characters were very powerful and could’ve been used more. I’m not saying that I didn’t like the main character but I think it would’ve been awesome to see the story from all the characters points of view.

The acting was okay. The cast all had good chemistry together. But there is no character development. If this film went for another half an hour though I feel we would’ve been able to add in a whole lot of stuff involving time travel like paradoxes, Character Development, ripple effect (Though that was involved) and just people becoming suspicious of you like “weren’t you just there” kind of like in BTTF 2 when Biff starts fighting the future Marty.

Overall this film was a very good time travel film that had a lot of ideas but has it’s problems. I’d still check it out if you like Time travel or found footage films!


Source Of Pics: Paramount Pictures


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