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Dunkirk (2017 Movie)

Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan’s latest film and it’s based on the battle of Dunkirk. It tells of three stories. Land, Sea and Air, and it executes them all very well. If you’ve seen Nolan’s previous films, this is one you can’t afford to miss.

True stories are a hard thing for film. Sometimes there’s not enough content and extra sub stories is added that didn’t really happen and it ruins the film. Sometimes there’s too much content to have in the film and it misses a lot of details. Dunkirk runs at 106 minutes (1 Hour and 46 Minutes) and it doesn’t feel like it rushes any parts while also telling three stories.

Dunkirk is the first film that famous singer Harry Styles is in. If you’re like Christopher Nolan and don’t know who he is, Harry Styles is a singer who was apart of a popular boy band, One Direction, and is now in this film. Singers turning into actors isn’t something we haven’t seen before. David Bowie was very well known for Labyrinth. With all of the other actors being experienced and in the film acted perfectly, you have to wonder, how does Harry Styles stand up? If he wasn’t a good actor this film would feel a little loose but luckily, he’s good. All of the other actors (Like Tom Hardy) are great and I feel like they helped him out a bit.

There’s not a lot of dialogue in Dunkirk and that’s not a bad thing. There’s some really good music along with the film that seems to never stop and it really puts you into the film. You feel like you’re in the film, you’re (In your head) telling the characters what to do. This film has a lot of emotion to it, especially for all the characters it focuses on.

From the very start the action never stops too. You’re in the sky, on the sea, through the streets and onto a boat. One thing that i’ve noticed about this film is that it never shows the enemy and also that you don’t learn a lot of the characters names. This adds realism, a lot of people didn’t know each others names and you probably didn’t see the enemy that much.

The timeline of this film is a little bit confusing at first but over time you understand what’s going on. Overall Dunkirk is a must see for this year.



Source of pics: WB Pictures


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