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Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil is a coming of age film about two boys who think they have nothing in common but after learning more about each other realise they have a whole lot more in common than they do. But it has a whole lot of heart and new spins on the coming of age genre.

Ned has been put into a boarding school that he really doesn’t want to go to. Everyone there lives rugby, whether they play or support it. Ned of course doesn’t like rugby and has trouble fitting in. Conor is also a new kid to this school, but unlike Ned he plays rugby and is really good at it. They’re put into the same room and that’s where the story kicks off from.

The characters in this film are very fleshed out. From the kids to the teachers. Some characters are one dimensional though, mainly the bully, we never find out his intention or why he is like he is. This film also deals a lot with the characters relationships to the people around them and how that changes them.

This film is edited to feel fresh and modern. This works really well, as it’s a filmed aimed towards teenagers and it doesn’t do anything that’s unbelievable. Everything that happens happens for a reason and nothing feels forced, that’s a great thing about this film, it takes time all of the film to develop characters.

Bullying and sexuality are two major parts of this film. It deals with them in my opinion in a way that doesn’t overuse them or just brush over them. As I said earlier everything that happens happens for a reason, so anything that happens is either referred too later or causes something. It shows all sides of bullying and being gay.

Overall this is one of the best teenager, high school, drama film i’ve seen in ages. This film knows what it wants to be and really knew which audience it was heading to. You can find it on Netflix worldwide, so go check it out!


Source of pics: Rialto distribution


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