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Baby Driver

Baby Driver has been 20 years in the making. Edgar Wright was once listening to The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion ‘Bellbottoms’ and thought “This’d make for an awesome car chase”. Fast forward to 2017 and we’ve got Baby Driver, a movie about a guy who’s name is Baby who is a getaway driver for some bad guys. This film is mind blowingly awesome because… it’s synced to music!

Just watch that video above, it gives you just a little bit of a taste of how it works with the whole synced to music part. This film has a really good soundtrack too so you’re never sitting in your seat wanting to skip the song. Baby Driver has a lot of characters but is mainly focused on Baby and his journey.

Baby is a very mysterious character, you learn more about him as the film goes by and you quickly learn that he’s in the wrong crowd. The whole film is a rollercoaster ride taking you through romance and action. The film blends it all together really well and really builds its characters.

All the actors fit their characters perfect. If I had to change someone with another actor I don’t think it would be possible! Kevin Spacey is my highlight of this film. He plays the role perfectly, he’s menacing and demanding. I loved Ansel Elgort and I wish he had more to act as but a lot of it was just him singing, smiling, looking worried and being in another space. That’s not his problem, that’s how the character is and I feel it really works, That’s what a normal person would be like in a real life situation that he’s in.

Baby Driver is a really good musical action. It’s not your typical musical as there’s no one singing out of nowhere but synced with a killer track. In some scenes the graffiti is the words so look out for that. Edgar Wright makes another great film. It’s an instant classic!


Source of pics: Sony Pictures


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