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Doctor Who ‘The Doctor Falls’

“You may be a doctor. But i’m The Doctor”

– The Doctor

– Minor Spoilers Ahead –

This episode is the season 10 finale and the second part to last weeks episode. This is one of Peter Capaldi’s last episodes and i’m kind of annoyed that we have to wait til’ Christmas to find out who the new Doctor is!

Last weeks episode was one of my favourites and this episode does not let down! It starts right where we left off and introduces a new kind of story to continue for the second half of this episode. It brings together The Master and Missy but also The Doctor and The Doctor.

The chemistry between all the characters in this episode was really good. It was nice to have an hour long episode rather then stuff to be rushed but luckily they use the extra time wisely.

Bill was probably the best character of the episode. After finding out that she had turned into a cyberman we had a robocop situation. Is she more Robot or Human? We get a closing to her story here and it does not disappoint. Nardole was another really good character, we got to see such a more heroic side of him and I think it would be awesome to see a spin-off series with Nardole and Bill.

Missy and The Master were the best on screen pair of the show. All the moments between them were very entertaining and made for an awesome return and farewell for John Simms.

Last of all Peter Capaldi was as normal great as the Doctor. All the actors this episode were probably the best we’ve seen for a while. All the actors took the characters they were given and gave a new life to them that other actors couldn’t do!

The worst part of this episode is that we have to wait til’ Christmas!!! That’s half a year away!! It’s not as bad as when we had to wait for a full year. Overall this episode is a great way to tie up all ends for all the characters and also perfectly sets up the Christmas special.


Farewell Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi! You guys will be missed.

Source of pics: BBC


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