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Doctor Who ‘World Enough And Time’

“Hello Missy, I’m the master”

– The Master.

World Enough And Time is the first part to the season finale, where we will see the doctor regenerate! This season finale isn’t just going to feature the doctor regenerating. It has John Simms Master!!!

This episode is one of my favourites out of all of Peter Capaldi’s run and dare I say it out of all the episodes i’ve watched it might be the best!!! The Doctor, Nardole, Bill and Missy find themselves on a ship that is heading away from a black hole. And on board the ship are Cybermen (ish)!

First of all the mystery, costume, logic, emotional story and science of this episode is on point. The episode uses time jumps at the start to explain how they have gotten to where they are. But also used to tell the same story from two different people in the same time without confusing the audience.

My favourite line is “She’s the exposition and he’s the comic relief” said by Missy. She is probably my favourite character in this episode. She’s really funny and has as nice contrast against Peter’s doctor.

The science isn’t that all confusing if you know about blackholes. But they explain it really simply in the episode and most ages should get it. The costumes in this episode were also great, they bring the classic Cybermen suits back and add emotion to them and just the whole story is one big pile of emotions.

Overall this episode is one of the best episodes we have seen in ages, I can’t wait to see the next part and see what happens between the Doctor, Missy and Master and to see how the doctor regenerates!



My theory is that Missy or the Master will kill the doctor because she mentioned something about how if she doesn’t kill him it’d be a disappointment.


Source of pics: BBC


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