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Cars 3

“Dream small or don’t dream at all”

– Cruz Ramirez.

Cars 3 (Or as i’d prefer to call Cars 2) is the spiritual sequel to Cars and the end of the cars franchise. It brings Lightning McQueen back onto the screen with some new faces like Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez but also brings back some old faces like Mater and Doc Hudson!!!

First of all, yes. This film acts as if Cars 2 never happened. And no, it’s nothing like it. If you liked or even loved the first film you’ll be sure to have similar feelings to this film as they’re both based around racing. This film is also a love letter to Doc Hudson and pays a lot of respect to Paul Newman, it even has un-used audio of him in the film!

The story of the film is not a coming of age film but the opposite. How and when to learn that your time is over. Your time always comes to an end but how easily will you say goodbye? Well, Lightning clearly wants to race forever and is not giving up on the dream.

This film is not all sad though, it has many laugh out loud moments and also at moments has the audience gasping and cheering (depending on how into the film they are). This film knows what it wants to tell, who it wants to tell it to and how they’re gonna make it repayable. Cars 3 is watchable for all ages, depending on your age you’re probably gonna see and feel a different experience then someone else of an older or younger age than you but the message is still there.

The characters in the film haven’t changed that much if they’re from the previous films. Lighting still wants to race, Mater is still his friend and Doc is still a major influence on everything. But some of the new characters are a hit or miss. For me Cruz was one of the best characters in the whole film, she had a lot of backstory and you can really feel for her but other characters like Jackson Storm are kind of one-sided and have no clear objective other than to make Lightning redundant.

The animation in this film is really really good! The mud was one of the hardest parts to animate and they made it look like it was real and if you didn’t realise how much effort goes into it then you probably won’t notice and appreciate it. If you go back and look at Cars (The first film) it’s unbelievable how much they’ve advanced.

Overall this film takes the Cars franchise back to its roots, racing, and tells a nice story about getting old. It also has a lot to say about new technology and people adapting from the old ways to the new way. It would be a disappointment if you don’t watch this film, unlike Cars 2.



Source of Pics: Pixar


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