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Doctor Who ‘The Eaters Of Light’

Doctor who goes back in time for another twist of history. The disappearance of the ninth legion…

This is the third last episode of the series but i’d look at it as the third last episode of Peter Capaldi (Unless he comes back in a Christmas special like rumoured). It’s going to be really sad to see Peter go, I didn’t like him at first (Because I started with Matt Smith) but I grew accustomed to him over time.

This episode had more great make up, it wasn’t that heavy because it was mainly face paint but the costumes were also really good.

This episode is a story of growing up in my eyes. It centralises on the kids who had to fight in wars. With one of the leaders being called grandpa even though he was only eighteen. This makes you look back at the wars and see what young people had to deal with.eaters-bill-doctor-tardis

It was also really funny to see the auto-translate of the TARDIS and how that was a running gag in the episode. You actually forget that we were only introduced to Bill this season. If you look back to the start of the season you can really see how much she has changed from then til’ now.

This episode also looked at people’s sexual choices. They show Bill saying her preferred gender to them and it comes as no surprise. It’s quite smart to show because you don’t really hear about ancient people who were gay.

Overall it was a good episode and had ok CGI. The acting was also on point as usual! And the episode actually had crows in it. The last time we saw them was Clara’s death.



Source of pics: BBC


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