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Pixar’s Coco Trailer #2 – Video Of The Week

We’ve gotten our second view at Pixar’s Upcoming film (it comes out after Cars 3) and i’m just going to do a little quick review of it.

This Trailer gives us so much more of a view of the ‘deadland’ where all the ghosts/skeletons are. We also get to see the reactions of the ghosts that this kid has crossed over to their world. This trailer also has some funny bits and I can’t wait to see what jokes they can make about the ‘deadland’ and the dog.

From the trailer we can see that the film is really colourful and that’s really exciting. The animation in this trailer looks unbelievable. Seeing how much Pixar has improved since Toy Story is just fascinating. Pixar keeps on setting the bar every year and not in just the animation but also the stories.

We get more story out of the trailer mainly being who he gets help from in the ‘deadland’ it’ll be interesting if we get to see the guitar player that the kid loves and see him and they have this bonding moment. This film is getting nearer so we should expect to see much more about the characters and story but this trailer didn’t give us too much (unless you dissect it frame by frame).

Overall i’m really excited to see this film and I have so many questions about this film (Like what’s the flower thing she’s giving him?). Coco comes out November the 22nd.


Source of pics: Pixar


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