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Doctor Who ‘The Lie Of The Land’

Finally, the four parter is over. But did it end with a bang? Or did it fall flat. I’m here to talk about The Lie Of The Land which is part four to the monks story. This is probably considered a three parter but i’m counting Oxygen because that’s the episode the doctor becomes blind.lie-of-the-land-promo-art

The Lie Of The Land is continuing the shocking twist that the monks have taken over the world. And now they’ve implanted themselves into the history of earth and everyone thinks that the monks are awesome and really nice. I was really excited to see how they would end the monks storyline and I have to admit. It was a mixture of “This is awesome!!!!” and “…What?”. I got really sucked into this episode because when it was ending my reaction was “But it’s only been on for ten minutes??” but that’s a really good thing to see because that’s why film exists, to take you to another world.

The vault was finally opened but it was pretty obvious. I won’t say who it is but being honest, were they even trying? I see why and it makes sense but I would’ve much preferred someone or something that would’ve come as a massive surprise. Not saying i’m disappointed, i’m just not surprised.

The acting in this episode was awesome. And so was the costumes. We’ve seen the monks before and they’re really cool but there’s some army people working for the monks who look really cool and also with the new monk world I love how everything is affected, even the little details like how all the people are wearing black to there being a pyramid in the middle of London. Also we didn’t see the TARDIS this episode which was a nice break from. And there was a lot of action in this episode and it was nice to see more stealthy stuff in the episode.

To finish it off this episode was pretty good, not the best but no where near the worst. If you liked the monks storyline then you probably liked this ending. But if you didn’t then this was probably an episode you didn’t like. I’m on the middle of that spectrum. I love space stories though I also love alternate history stories. So this was a nice storyline.

Also Bill gets the spotlight this episode which I loved. She was probably the best part of the episode. Great job Pearl Mackie, you’ve done a really good job this season, keep it up!


Minor spoiler alert!!!

It’s so frustrating that the doctor didn’t regenerate. It’s not that I don’t like Peter Capaldi but it’s because you get so excited to see him regenerate. I did notice that there was no bullet holes in his shirt in the other trailer but I just thought they just didn’t care.

Also I hope we see more of Missy and see if she will be good or bad.

Source of pics: BBC


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