Classic, MA15+


This movie is amazing, it’s a tale of comedy, romance, action, and friendship. It is also insanely gory so please do not watch this around children because you will probably ruin their eyes and they will be very conscious of what is inside your body. But if you want to give an anatomy lesson this will do the trick. Anyway,  this story follows a brave warrior called William Wallace, seriously every person who wanted freedom name is William, William Wilberforce, and Wallace, See my point. sorry but this story takes over after Wallace’s wife is killed due to a new law where the King of England can take any new bride from the Scottish people. This obviously leads to him going on a murderous rampage to give Scotland it’s freedom through smarts and pure force.


I love when William Wallace starts to take over England and lot’s of different Scottish villages and tribes want to fight and die for this man. I like how they make lots of outrageous and over the top stories about him and he just laughs and takes the massive joke out of them. He clearly sees his limitations whereas others do not, this is because he is such a great warrior because he is physically advanced but mentally he is the smartest person on that battlefield. It shows that having a strong mind pays off on the battlefield.


The special effects and all the things like that in this movie are not perfect but you have to realize that this movie was made in the 90’s but is still a really good movie. The combat in this film is really good, it is so gory and cool. I love films with lots of gore because it just makes you laugh out loud when someone’s brains get spilled out on the floor. The battlefield looks so cool and when people start to kill each other it only looks cooler.


This film is a classic with some really good cast members and a really good story. People still remember Braveheart to this day and is a film that everyone should watch when they are old enough or have a parents permission. But I think that the negatives in this film are: the history flaws, the storyline could improve and I think that they could have done the ending a bit better, and  I will give Braveheart a……………………….



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  •  Paramount Pictures
    (North America)
  • 20th Century Fox (International

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