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Doctor Who ‘The Pyramid At The End Of The World’

Wow. This’s a massive four-parter episode (I’m counting Oxygen) and it has me hooked. Just because I can i’m just going to say it right now. I think that the doctor is going to regenerate next episode!!! Here about that at the end of the article where i’ll also talk about spoilers, so don’t scroll past the score I give it.

The Pyramid At The End Of The World follows up after last weeks episode quite well. It starts with a montage of what happened last episode and what’s happening in present time, which I found quite interesting as it was a fun way to do that. The acting in this episode was superb as per usual and had a funny Donald Trump joke!The Pyramid At The end Of The World

I was slightly confused about the monks though, last week I thought they were trying to destroy earth but then this episode their true intentions are ever so slightly revealed. The make up and costumes were also another high of this episode. At the start of the episode the doctor is talking about how someones time is up which I felt like he was talking to himself knowing that he’s gonna regenerate soon.

The struggle with the doctor being blind was real this episode. I was quite annoyed that no one had realised sooner because of how obvious it is all the time. And how everyone just assumes that he wears glasses all the time. There’s a little more CGI in this episode but I felt like it blended in quite naturally and i’m really happy about that because I hate it when CGI looks unnatural or forced.



Let’s talk about spoilers.

Spoilers will be discussed for the episode here

What Happened?? Why did Bill disobey the doctors orders? What’s happening to Nardole??? And most of all… Does the Doctor Regenerate because Bill shoots him!? Why did the sonic screwdriver not work on the door???

Here’s a little theory to brighten up the mood. What if the doctor turns a little evil as it looks like that from the trailer. Or maybe even… What If she shoots him so his regeneration has a massive explosion that kills the monks but also kills Bill? What’re th possibilities of that? Slim. Would I like to see that happen though??? YEAH!!!!

I mean, look at the above pic and this one. He has to regenerate next episode! We might even find out who the new doctor is before then! There’s so much hype in me writing this!!!Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 8.50.37 pm.png

Honestly I don’t really like where the episodes are going. The doctor looks to have gone evil but I will be pleased if it turns out that he’s secretly luring in the baddies into a trap. If not then i’m going to be quite upset. I feel like the episodes have been becoming more like “hey, it was all a dream” Especially after the last episode being that.

But it looks like Missy will be returning next episode so that’s something to look forward too. It looks like Nardole will also be returning next episode but I can’t see why the doctor let him outside of the TARDIS into the dangerous air, and doesn’t the TARDIS have an oxygen field? Doesn’t that mean that he would not have passed out and been able to save the doctor? And why didn’t the doctor get unwell? Unless he’s secretly already regenerating! Also seeing the countries be nice to one another was quite pleasing and gave me hope that there’ll be a brighter future.

Sources of pics: BBC


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