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The Flash ‘Finish Line’ SPOILERS

-There’ll be spoilers here!!!-

Season three of the flash has finally reached it’s end with Finish Line. This episode was really good and I felt hit all the right notes, though because of the shows confusing time travel stuff it gets a lot of possible plot holes. I say possible because time travel isn’t a thing (presently) and so some stuff here might technically be able to happen, though it would make no sense.

The big reveal of the episode was Iris’s fate. She didn’t die. Wow, that was “totally” unpredictable. Clearly it was predictable because they wouldn’t kill such a big character as Iris (well, we’ll get to that in a second). Sadly HR has to die (though I also predicted that last week) and this is where it gets confusing.

If Barry finds out that Iris doesn’t die and that HR does then why doesn’t Savitar know? This is all timey wimey stuff but it makes no sense. And secondly why didn’t Savitar kill Iris when he had the chance!?!? There’s a bit when Savitar is at Star Labs and Iris and him have a little moment and he says “I can’t believe I was going to kill you” and then there’s me screaming at my tv saying “Why aren’t you killing her!?” I don’t want her to die but it makes no sense that Savitar isn’t killing her at that moment because then he’d live which is the problem that he went to them for.

Also why would you let someone from an opposing team let you build a machine that will let you win? It’s so obvious that they won’t do it for you. Even if you threaten someones life they still will change it so that it doesn’t work but you’ll only realise when it happens. Also how couldn’t Killer Frost realise that Savitar is going to throw her out after he gets what he wants from her (to freeze black flash (which somehow can’t dodge her ice even though it’s got the powers of the speed force). Cisco even tells her that it happens everytime and she’s like “not this time” but guess what. It practically happens!

Let’s talk about that ending with Barry and the speed force. Because there was no one in the speed force prison (how’d Jay get out?) the speed force was unbalanced and needed something to exhaust all its leftover “lightning” so lightning randomly starts hitting earth. This makes me wonder if anyone got hit by the lightning gets super speed like Barry. I think that would’ve been hilarious, it would’ve been like Spider-Island where everyone gets spider-man powers but after a while they turn into massive spiders. This would’ve been a fun concept to explore but would’ve got out of hand when people learn how to time travel. Barry gets taken away by the speed force which means there’s still a possibility for him to come back? Of course he will but they said to him “you’ve reached your finish line” so maybe Wally will become the main flash for a while and then Barry will come back (very powerful and with much more knowledge of the speedforce and his powers and what he should and shouldn’t do) and teach Wally and other speedsters and guide them just like Jay does. Maybe he’ll teach Killer Frost to be good.

The massive fight scene wasn’t really enough for me, It would’ve been cool if they went around the world to famous landmarks.
Well, there you have it. That’s practically all I really wanted to talk about for the flash’s season finale. Thanks for reading!


Source of pics: Warner Bros. Television Distribution


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