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Doctor Who ‘Extremis’

This episode is mind twisty. As always this review won’t have any spoilers for your comfort. It has you thinking even after the episode is finished. This is the second part or continuation to what’s happening after Oxygen. Surprisingly there’s also going to be a third part called ‘The Pyramid At The End Of The World’.

This episode is another great episode and I’m loving where this part of the season is going. This episode isn’t one of my favourites this season but that’s mainly because we don’t really have the full story/ending. The whole concept of this episode is pretty good though it feels quite cliché. The transitions in this episode are kind of rough and I feel a little forced between present time and

This episode has a nice Super Mario easter egg. It really works well with the episode and makes all the very confusing stuff understandable quicker. The acting in this episode is on point all around, as always. Matt Lucas did a really good job of showing another side of Nardole that we haven’t seen this season.

The makeup in this episode is really good again. I’m loving that this season they’re not turning to CGI instantly for the villains. The makeup in this episode is the weird-looking monk zombie people. They’re nice and scary and luckily we will be seeing them next week.

Overall this episode is nice and trippy. Just the way I like it. We finally have a rough idea of what’s in the vault though we aren’t fully sure as we don’t see them/it. There’s a whole lot more questions than answers, I guess we’ll have to wait til’ the season’s over and we get more answers.


Source of pics: BBC


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who ‘Extremis’”

  1. Doctor Who never disappoints for me. The amount of storytelling and creativity that goes into it is just outstanding compared to many other shows out there. Definitely sad to see Peter Capaldi go at the end of this season, but I’m certain next season will surprise us all (in the most positive way possible). Great recap!

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