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The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is another all time classic. Last week I reviewed Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Click here for that) which is also directed by John Hughes. The similarities between the films is quite clear. Mainly that they’re both about Teenagers and school. If you haven’t seen The Breakfast Club read this review and judging on if you think you would like this film then go and watch it, It’s a fun film to watch, especially if you were in high school in the eighties. (Checkout the video at the bottom to get a little example of the film).

The Breakfast Club is centred on 5 teens, all of them are from different groups. You’ve got the Brain, Athlete, Basket Case, Princess and criminal. The group are all stuck in detention together for the day. They’re all in there for different reasons (that we find out throughout the film) and all the characters chemistry works great. Whether Bender is taunting Claire or whether everyone’s weirded out by Allison there’s not a moment where something boring is happening. One character I haven’t mentioned is “The bull” (Mr. Vernon) who’s the assistant teacher who is meant to be keeping an eye on them.mv5byjzhyti0y2mty2u2nc00mgfhltk2mgytntawmtq5yzbhmgi5l2ltywdll2ltywdlxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynzawmtu0nzk-_v1_

The bull is one of my favourite characters from the film because of how funny he is with the kids at points. He’s very serious with how he tells them they can’t talk or move or do anything other then the given task. This film has everything. Well, it doesn’t really have any action. Or horror. But it does have Comedy, romance and drama. This film can be quite sad at times but is still great. Some of this film is romantic, there’s definitely romantic themes but I won’t really consider that that stuff full on romantic because they aren’t all ways looked in the brightest way.

This film is all about the characters in it and how detention changes them. Nowadays you’ll get films where the characters are pushed to the sideline and CGI or action is pushed in front. But that’s what I love about this film. There’s nothing but the characters. The characters also have quite a lot of depth to them. And when I mean quite. I mean a lot! I believe that Characters are the most important part of films. What I mean by that is that if you have a terrible character or acting in a film with breaking ground technology and effects, sure it might be popular when it first comes out but no one will look back at it in 30 years and say “that’s a great film” whereas if you make those effects second and character development and depth/background it will be an all-time classic.

What do you think? Character over CGI? I believe this film is the perfect example of this. Stay tuned because in the next couple of days i’m doing a special post to do with this and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! (Also this film has a awesome soundtrack!)


This video is a good example of the setting and characters.

Source of pics: Universal Pictures


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