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The Flash ‘Infantino Street’ (SPOILERS!!!)


This. Episode. Has changed the flash forever. Now that Iris (Or at least supposedly) is dead, what’s Barry gonna do? What’s Joe and Wally gonna do? What’s gonna happen to Cisco??? So stick with me on this amssive emotional journey of this episode.

I’d like to start off with my theory. This explains how Iris can live (though I personally think it would be better if she died because it’s more interesting then everything). Okay, here we go: While Savitar was distracted by Barry (When he was shooting him with the ghostbuster bazooka) Jesse Quick swapped out Iris for HR. Using his face (and body) changing technology HR Looks like Iris. we’ve seen this tech majorly twice, once this episode and also when HR was introduced. So instead of Iris, HR dies. Now that’s not as happy (unless you don’t like HR) but at least in this theory Iris doesn’t die. Now a hole in this theory is that Savitar wasn’t born straight after this episode so there’s still time for Barry to find out Iris is alive and hence Savitar would know.

Now back onto the review. This episode was fun, had heaps of tension and was extremely depressing. All of the characters were kind of put into pairs to make it an easier episode. Barry and Iris. Iris and Joe. HR and Tracy (Who I thought were a nice enlightenment for the episode). Barry and Snart. Cisco and Killer Frost (At least towards the end of the episode). This made the story easier to follow and not to messy.

The whole heist was enjoyable (with the Jaws references) but i felt it was too quickly skimmed across. I feel there could’ve been a whole lot more interesting stuff if it had an episode to itself. Whoever the actor of Lyla was amazing. The character is such a good one and I don’t feel at all that she was wasted. She even had her personal stuff happening in the episode. But again, the acting was on point.

My favourite part of the episode was the last 5-10 minutes. Savitar is preparing to kill Iris and Killer Frost and Vibe are going to have a massive fight. Towards the beginning of the episode there was a lot of Caitlin shining out through Killer Frost and I kind of hoped that she’d turn against Savitar but I guess that is yet to come.

I kind of feel that all of team flash is responsible for Iris’s death. Though it’s clear that it’s all Barry’s fault. Because of Flashpoint and also because in a way he is the killer. I really liked when Savitar tricked Team Flash (HR) to tell him where Iris was.

Tell me what you thought of the episode down below in the comments, I’d love to here from you guys. Also check out my non-spoiler review to see the rating. Can’t wait for next weeks season finale!!!

Source of pics: Warner Bros. Television Distribution


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