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The Flash ‘Infantino Street’ (NO Spoilers!)

Oh My God. This episode has to be the saddest flash episode ever. The Runaway Dinosaur is nothing compared to this. We’ve been leading to this moment of the flash for quite some time now. Iris’s death. I won’t be saying any spoilers by the way but i’m going to be writing a spoiler review after this. Ever since the flash went to the future and saw Iris die they’ve been trying to stop that from happening. From getting married to training Wally to be faster then Barry it all leads to this moment.the-flash-no-savitar-kills-iris-season-3-infantino-street-216053

One major difference from this episode is the tone and characters. The tone was a lot darker which fits the tone great. The episode starts off with 24 hours until Iris’s death, making the stakes a whole lot higher. If your loved one was going to die in that time period you’d even break your own rules. And that’s what I love about Barry in this episode. You can really see this character not wanting to lose the person most close to him be taken away because of him. It’s not all darkness though. There are some times when there’s a success though I won’t go into spoiler territory.322_flash_photo10

A lot of the episode is a heist. Barry enlists the help of Captain Cold to help steal a energy source from ARGUS which was hinted to at last episode. This is the only apparent energy source that can power the speed force bazooka. I kind of don’t understand this, why can’t Barry use lightning and the speed force to power it? The acting in this episode was awesome. All the actors put in 100% effort and it really went well. I’d like to praise Grant Gustin for his awesome acting of the same but so different characters (Savitar and Barry). Also another actor who deserves praise is Tom Cavaghan. He’s done 3 different versions (well really some more but they were short snippets of characters from different universes.) of Harrison Wells. This episode he does 2 and you could clearly see that they’e different. It’s mainly their very different personality but You don’t even need to know them before hand to understand that they’re majorly different.

Overall this episode was great. I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys so if you’ve seen the episode please go and checkout the spoiler review.



Source of pics: Warner Bros. Television Distribution


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