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Doctor Who ‘Oxygen’

So far this season Doctor Who hasn’t had a episode that’s not worth watching, and this episode is no exception. Oxygen is the latest adventure that Bill and the doctor are on and the first adventure that Nardole is on. The last two episode have been quite horror centred and I think it suits the season well.

Hands down the best part of this episode is the make up and costumes! Last week was great but this episode tops that by 50 times. The space suits looked awesome and the make-up for the dead people was brilliant and really detailed. TV Shows have significantly smaller budgets then movies so when they use CGI they tend to do it very scarcely but this episode was the perfect balance. There’s the costumes and make-up, the set was also very cool looking and the short moments of showing the outside of the space station and also space itself were very good.oxygen-monster-trailer

The stakes were very very high this episode and there was not a moment from when the first zombie attacks Bill, Nardole and the Doctor that I wasn’t on the edge of my seat. I love space episodes when it comes to Doctor Who. I really liked the Kill The Moon episode and also the episode where they watched the CCTV footage or something like that, I don’t remember that episode that

I won’t spoil anything from this episode but there’s a lot to talk about. So if you’ve watched the episode write your favourite moments in the comments and we can have a discussion. The acting in this episode was great. From Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie to all the side characters actors. I thought it would’ve been awesome to have the opening scene be of all the crew together getting a photo or something and then showing the same photo on a wall and someone screaming running through the corridor and showing heaps of zombies (of the people in the photo) coming after them. One part of the episode looked awesome where they’re in space but sadly it’s skimmed across.

Overall this is probably my favourite episode this season so far. Next week it looks like we’re getting another old timey horror episode with an appearance from Missy!doctor-who-oxygen-photo017-1494514386879_1280w


Source of pics: BBC


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