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The Flash ‘Cause And Effect’

-Some minor spoilers are discussed here-

The flash is really close to finishing the season and the stakes are high. Now that Barry and Team Flash know Savitar’s identity (if you haven’t watched the previous episode then why’re you reading this one?) to be non other then Barry (or at least a time remnant of him) they have some ideas on how to stop him.508

This episode was quite funny, from Barry losing his memory to the heat manger (?).This episode brings a lot of emotion following up last weeks episode. The team is now very desperate to stop Savitar. Tracy Brand and HR are both very funny on screen, they try to help each other but just end up distracting each other. I kind of don’t get how they have created something that according to the future flash didn’t work until a couple of years after Iris’s death.

The timing of everything is too perfect like how Barry loses his memory before testifying. Savitar I feel is a wasted character if they find a solution to stopping him at the end of the season. I think it’d be cool if The Flash takes away his speed and throws him into another earth, kind of like what they did with Grodd. Also the existence of Savitar himself is a paradox just like the grandfather paradox. Savitar created Savitar? I kind of want to know how exactly Savitar first came to be, that’d be really interesting. It’s kind of like how Reverse flash created the flash, the reason why he was in the past.flash-321-team-flash-850x560

The acting in this episode was really good, I loved optimistic Barry and how the characters around him were effected (mainly Iris). Killer Frost was also great in this episode, My favourite part of the epsiode was when the ‘three musketeers’ were working and Cisco started talking about pre-particle accelerator and she remembers it. Towards the end of the episode with Killer Frost was also great. I’m kind of confused as to why she wanted Savitar to remember though. If I was in team flash i’d just keep Barry’s memories gone until the time period in which Iris dies because then Savitar can’t kill her.

In conclusion this is an all around great episode.the-flash-cause-and-effect-review_ux6n


My theory, the suit makes Savitar faster, before he runs into it his lightning is red but when he gets into it the lightning turns white/blue.

Source of pics: Warner Bros. Television Distribution


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