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The Flash ‘I Know Who You Are’

This Episode of the Flash I found was absolutely stunning, it gave us the answer that we have all been waiting for but I will not be spoiling that in this article. I really liked the acting in this episode and it made me feel more emotion towards the episode. Obviously, the title gives away what happens in this episode but it’s amazing to see who ‘IT’ is.


In this episode, you go through Joe and his lover Cecile as a big turn comes in their relationship when she asks him if they want to take their relationship to the next level (Good Job Joe). Anyway, Joe feels uncomfortable about this whole situation and basically pushes her away because of the fear of another person he loves getting hurt. But later in the episode, they resolve things and they become a couple.

Joe_West_Jesse_L._Martin_and_Cecile_Horton_Danielle_Nicolet.jpgAnother part of the episode is team flash trying to find killer frost and they bump into her a few times when they are trying to locate the new character that is introduced into the series, her name is Tracy Brand. She is the doctor that has made the technology to trap Savitar in the speed force. We also follow her through the episode because now that Barry has travelled forward in time to learn how to defeat Savitar, Savitar plans for killer frost to take care of the future doctor. (She is really dumb in my opinion but hey that’s me being mean) Anyhow when Tracy is attacked by killer frost she freaks out and tries to hide away from team flash when they track her down HR (Not Scientist or Reverse Flash Version) develops some emotions for her and they flirt all episode. I find this really cute and funny because HR is not the smartest person around and she has the ability to stop the ‘God of Speed’.


Now here comes the saucy part without any spoilers. I think that the reveal of Savitar is well worth the wait because it is one of the flash’s sectrets has been well concealed and not easy to predict. As soon as Barry figures out who it is in your head you just say ”Oh no, Please God no.” When Savitar got out of his suit I was running thtrough my house screaming ”Oh my God no way,” Anyway you should really watch this episode becuase it will leave you on the edge of your seat and I will give it a



Sorry this is little late I got trapped in the speed force when I ran through my house

Source for pics: Warner Bros. Television Distribution


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