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Doctor Who ‘Knock Knock’

The Doctor and Bill are back with a new adventure this time, involving a haunted house! This episode is great, it succeeds with the horror element but also keeping it a little funny at times.

This episode is quite special because it uses binaural audio (in other words immersive(3D)) only if you listen to the episode with headphones on. They used it for this episode because a) There’s parts when the sound is coming from every direction b) It makes it scarier and c) There’s a lot of creaks from the haunted house to freak you out. I did listen to it with headphones on and quite liked it. I’m not sure if it made a huge impact on how scary it was or how they’ll do audio in future horror episodes. If you want to see how they made it work like that click here for a article about

I quite liked the new cast and characters of this episode and would like to see them return for future appearances. The new cast and crew i’m referring to is Bill’s friends if you haven’t seen the episode yet. Also the landlord or the “villain” one might refer to him as was really good, I really like how the actor was bright at the start but then the second someone spoke about the tower he turned full on dark.screenshot-1331-600x338

This episode does a great job of scaring you. If you ever hear your house creak while you’re home alone after watching this episode you’re probably gonna sprint in the opposite direction. Also there’s a Minor continuity error towards the start, when 2 people are walking up the stairs the one who was behind magically teleported in front of the other person in the next shot. But nothing major that I saw.

At the end we also got another clue as to what’s in the vault. Write comments down below on who you believe is in it.

In conclusion Doctor Who has been at its A-Game this season and hopefully it can keep it up with next weeks ‘oxygen’ which reminds me a lot of season eights ‘Kill The Moon’ which I really liked.


Source for pics: BBC


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