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Doctor Who ‘Thin Ice’

The Doctor and Bill get tangled up into a mystery involving missing people and lights under the ice!

One thing that I love about Doctor Who is the mystery solving and detective bits and that’s what we got. This episode was pretty good. It tackled racism, and brought up death and the doctor. Since the doctor has seen so much death he’s not that surprised about it anymore.p0512kj9

The acting in this was really good, you could really see how upset Bill was. The animation was also pretty good (for Doctor Who). I love how Doctor Who doesn’t waste time at all, it has a massive 40 minutes and everything that’s in it either means something very important or will be brought up later in the episode.

It’s nice to see the doctor get protective over Bill when it came to the racist guy. You don’t really get to see the doctor get angry like that. Bill was also asking about rules with time travel and how she might accidentally cause her not to exist, I love this because that’d be my reaction. I also love how the doctor says “don’t worry about it” just

At the end of the ep we get a little reminder that there’s a vault. The episode also brought back In The Belly Of The Beast vibes with them having a choice of letting a whale thing go or not.

That’s all i’ve got to say for this episode, it’s not even close to my favourite, I liked how it talked about racism.


Source for pics: BBC


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