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The Flash ‘The Once And Future Flash’

OMG, We are so close to the season finale of the flash and that much much closer to finding out… Who Savitar is!!! I’m going to stop doing my ‘hey guys’ intro from here on out as this’s my 7th review. In this episode Barry went to the future (2024 to be precise) to find out who Savitar is and also see members of the flash family.508

This episode was really good. I really liked how it shows the stakes of Savitar but most importantly. How little hope the future has, i’m not sure about you but if I was to go to the future and see me and all my friends like that and even telling myself that there’s no way then i’d feel really unmotivated. Luckily the flash can always (somehow) find a way.

One of the biggest things about this episode is how the future goes if Iris dies and everything goes to hell. Everyone’s scarred in their own way. The weird thing i found with the future though is Wally, he’s in a wheelchair and is completely brain dead from what we’ve seen (when i say brain dead is when he’s practically dead but his body is still alive, he can’t communicate).maxresdefault1

The ending of the episode is so good. It doesn’t give you enough to give away the twist but gave you enough to start your crack pot theories (And the identity of Savitar that I believed in before the ep was it being a future Barry Allen but because of that ending you’ve got to wonder “Why is Killer Frost not confused???”) Another theory is that it’s Ronnie because he got into the wormhole and went missing. Honestly I have no idea who Savitar is at the moment.

The acting was pretty impressive for the flash, i’ve gotten so used to the characters that I don’t really think of the acting as I care about the show and characters. It’s pretty impressive to play the same character but in such a different way in such a short time period like this episode. Especially with Grant at points being in the same room as himself (thanks to movie magic (TV Magic???)).grant-gustin-the-once-and-future-flash-the-flash-trailer-600x350

Mirror Master and Top were really just used as a way to have an actual villain and something for the flash to overcome (other than the team flash break up).

Overall this episode had some answers but so many more questions. Can’t wait for the season Finale (which apparently finishes with a cliffhanger!!!). The TV DC Universe has grown so much from Arrow and i’m really excited to see more characters introduced over time (and one day hopefully Batman!!!). See you next week.


Source for pics: Warner Bros. Television Distribution


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