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Hey guys, today I will be reviewing Life which is a sci-fi horror about people on the ISS who get a alien onboard who starts off friendly/not harmful into a killing machine. This film is MA15+.

neapjlcneabcef_1_bThe film used a lot of the advertising on Ryan Reynolds  but i believe it should’ve been on more of the other characters mainly Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ariyon Bakare. They did a great job acting especially how the whole film doesn’t really introduce any new characters because it’s all on the ISS (International Space Station). The acting in this film is great, the characters all interact with each other very well and you feel like they actually have been there together for a long time.

The horror in this film is great, there were times when i was covering my mouth wanting to throw up and at other times I jumped out of my seat. The film plays around with the idea of: If there’s life out there and it landed on our ISS, is it friendly? Is it deadly? How do we find out? What do we do? And most importantly… What if it is here to kill us and is really powerful. This film isn’t afraid to tell you that everything won’t be alright.


Just before the film came out Sony (who made this film) announced the Venom spin-off. Because of the (very small) similarities (AKA alien in space) people thought that this film may be a possible prequel to it. IT’S NOT. Glad that I got that off my chest. This film did take a lot of inspiration from Gravity and Alien and other sci-fi horror flicks.

The animation in this film was pretty good, it was mainly for showing the space station and the alien but it wasn’t dodgy at any point. A lot of films today are bloated with CGI just because they can. With Life it’s used to a point that i don’t feel they were using it just because they could but were using it to make the alien look cool (sadly I couldn’t find any pictures of it because it’s pretty new (that’s the best pic i’ve got (it’s not one that i’d use as the best example)))9625d4_ac8ae87a1b5c49c7a5d7bcd4d660136fmv2.

To finish it off this film was a great horror sci-fi film that i’d call original (not a spin-off, sequel, prequel or adaptation) but one of my favourite aspects of the film was the ending!



Source for pics: Columbia Pictures


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