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Doctor Who ‘Smile’

Hey guys, today i’ll be reviewing Doctor Who’s Series 10 Ep 2! In this ep The doctor and Bill are on a planet in which heaps of robots who speak emoji are. The real question is… where are all the humans??? (and the doctor clarifies that he knows that they’re robots made up by humans because apparently humans are the only beings that have emoji).


I really liked the doctor in this episode, he was like a detective. He reminded me of Matt Smith’s doctor. It really made you think and had a nice viewpoint of the future. Bill was also a rebel in this.

We also got teased with the vault but there wasn’t that much about it. The thing I love most about this episode is how it views humanity. It shows how we respond to everything with violence. When *plot point* happens people grab the guns. This film also has a nice viewpoint as to what would happen if we were to make robots that their priority is to make you happy and nothing else. And what happens if the robots evolve/advance.13150383-high

Overall this was a really good standalone episode that had a good metaphor. The one big problem i find with this is why didn’t the doctor hack them somehow???


Source for pics: BBC


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