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Doctor Who ‘The Pilot’

Hey Guys, today I am reviewing the first Episode of Doctor Who Season 10!!!

Doctor Who returned from it’s year of silence and i’m pretty happy. I’m mainly happy because it’s back but so far it’s also pretty good! Sadly this is Peter Capaldi’s last season but i’m also excited for a new doctor.

Before i talk about the rest of the show i am just going to say that this episode is also meant as a jumpstart for people who haven’t seen Doctor Who.


This episode is the introduction of Bill, the doctors new companion. Bill is the first openly gay Doctor Who companion! So far i like her but since we haven’t seen that much of her I can’t have a complete opinion. Her story about her fattening someone she liked was added for comedy purposes though it was really just trying to put some more backstory into Bill. I was also expecting her to talk about a photo (that i don’t want to spoil) to the doctor because anyone in their right mind would.. Though i found it out of place that the doctor had images of River and Susan though i think the purpose was really used when he looks at them in decision of making Bill his companion.


The doctor is also back and it’s great to see him. With this episode we are introduced to a new ‘monster’. I don’t really consider this ‘villain’ a villain or a monster for reasons that i don’t want to spoil the episode. The new episode also brings a lot of mystery for the season to linger about.

My favourite part of the Ep was Australia’s cameo. This episode was pretty good, Peter Capaldi isn’t my favourite doctor (that’s Matt Smith) but I was happy to see him return.


Source for pics: BBC


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