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Beauty And The Beast (2017)


Hey guys, today i will be reviewing the live action version of the Disney classic from 1991 Beaty And The Beast. It’s rated PG but I think is fine for most ages.

To get this out of the way. Yes, it is a lot like the original film. You could argue that it’s the exact same film but real life. this is an ongoing trend with what Disney has been doing lately. They’ve got the Cinderella, Jungle Book and Pete’s Dragon. They’re currently working on films such as Mulan, Peter Pan and Aladdin. Let’s continue with the review.


The Animation in this film is top notch. The Beast and all of the living furniture in it our very well animated with great detail. It’s just like the latest Jungle Book (except there was a whole lot more animal in that) because of how realistic the animation is. Half the time you forget that they’re animated.Beauty-and-the-Beast-belle-song

The acting in this film is pretty good. It can be a challenge to act as someone who is really popular and has been played before. I think the best part was seeing Josh Gad (the voice of Olaf) in another Disney flick. Emma Watson has been off the radar ever since Harry Potter finished but now she’s back in a great way. The rest of the cast is pretty good, i really liked Belle’s father as he put a lot of emotion into his character and also Luke Evans as Gaston, he was funny and did a good job at annoying Belle.

Overall this film is good though it is a lot like the original. i don’t really like musicals so i don’t really get them unless the music in it is the type i like or really good. so i am giving this a…


Source of pics: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


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