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13 Reasons Why

Hey guys, today I will be reviewing 13 Reasons Why. Before I get started though I would like a clear warning. This is NOT for kids. This show is MA15+ and i’d recommend it for students year 10 and above. It has visual scenes of rape and suicide. You’ve been warned…external

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original series (meaning it’s a Netflix exclusive unless they bring it to dvd) that’s based off a book of the same name. It’s 13 episodes that each have a runtime of roughly 50-60 minutes.
13 Reasons Why is about Hannah, a girl that kills herself but leaves behind cassette tapes with 13 people and the reason that’s linked with them for why she killed herself. The main character is Clay who had a crush on Hannah and worked with her.

The series starts of pretty good, the music is nice and each introduction to the characters is nice and smooth and matches the style. This show has a lot of flashbacks but never feels like it. They’re so perfectly timed usually that you just go with it, they usually flashback because of what Clay is thinking or what the tape is saying.The flashbacks colour is also nice and bright fitting the setting (unless it’s a bad/dark flashback) but when it goes back to modern times you can see the darkness more clearly.13-reasons-crop

The show has a lot of mysteries, from who and what the other kids are/did, to what did Cole do. By the end of the series all mysteries are solved but I still really want to see what happens to the characters after the screen blacked. I’m not going to say anything but it was a good ending. In the last episode it shows Hannah’s actual suicide which was too much for me and I had to skip it.

Thank you guys for reading, i hope you enjoyed it. I really liked this show.


Sources of pics: Netflix


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